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Tenno Lake

Just 3 kilometers far from Paradiso Parolari there's the lovely Tenno lake. Despite this lake is not very big, it is one of the most beautiful lakes you can see in the northern Italy. Tenno lake is famous for ist marvelous turquoise colour, very similar to the Caribbean sea. In the middle there's a little island. There you can swim, get tanned, and enjoy a wonderful landscape. You can reach this lake just going on foot on a path in the woods: it'll take you only half an hour. You'll love it!!

lago tenno nuova piccola lago tenno 2

Tenno (8 Km away)

Tenno is a very nice village in which you may see a XIIth century castle. The building has high embattled walls and near it you may visit the little anciet St. Lorenzo Church, decoradet with nice XIth century frescoes.

tenno chiesa s. lorenzo

The medieval village of Canale

Just 4 kilometers far from Paradiso Parolari there's the old medieval village of Canale, which is one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy. Visiting this village you may still feel the magic atmosphere of ancient times: houses made of wood and stone decorated with frescoes, narrow paved lanes and little wooden porticoes. Here there is also the famous "Artists' House" with interesting temporary exhibitions and art galleries. Mid August there'a a medioeval festival when people are dressed like in the middle Ages and show you old activities.

canale canale1

Pile-dwelling in Fiavé

The archeological area of Fiavè is a UNESCO protected biotope which has remained unspoilt and it hosts the remains of pile-dwelling structures dating back to 2300 b.C. The piles-dwelling are 3 km away from our house.

fiav museo-delle-palafitte

Cascade Ballino "Sajant"
This waterfall is at 1 km and is visible from our house.

Ballino cascata Sajant

Cave "La Camerona"
The cave is about 1 km from our house (20 minutes walk)

la camerona camerona

Castel Stenico (20 km away)

The Castello di Stenico is one of the oldest castles in the Trentino, and used to be a fortress of great strategic relevance. The strategically important Castello di Stenico is a museum of art and history. Its numerous rooms are decorated with furniture, paintings, arms and firearms as well as age-old tools for everyday use, all of them borrowed from the collections held by Castello del Buonconsiglio di Trento.

castel stenico castel stenico

Canyon Limarò – 10 km away

The canyon Limarò is a deep gorge carved by the river Sarca between gray and red rocks. In 10 minutes walk you can reach the dizzy rope bridge suspended over the river. For more information, click here.

Canyon Limar forra del Limar


Varone waterfall at 12 km

The waterfall is almost 100 meters high and hidden in a cave deep in the mountain between Lake Tenno and Lake Garda.
You can reach it through  a botanical garden and can be seen from two points illuminated with different colours.
cascata varone grotta-cascata-varone
Natural Reserve "Laghi Soi"
300 meters from our house, hidden by a dense network of branches, mosses and aquatic vegetation, you see the LaghiSoi Lakes, a small nature reserve: hazelnuts, white firs, maple trees, elms, hawthorns and red fir trees guard in the shadows of their branches a jewel of biodiversity: Alpine tritons and majestic, colorful dragonflies.
A tectonic depression in Jurassic limestone houses this precious protected area. You can reach it by walking for 2 minutes along the little road that leads to Tenno Lake. Once you reach the wooden hut you can see the LaghiSoi Lakes on your right hand side.

laghisoi tritone


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