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Our house is the ideal accommodation for anyone who loves Nature and tranquillity. This pictures’ setting of Mountains surrounded by green is situated in the Trentino region. It is just 15km from the famous Lake Garda and 3km from Lake Tenno (40 minutes walk). We have a playground and a covered barbeque area. It's a family run Oasis in a natural and tranquil environment.

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The Northern Garda, where our vacation home is located, is considered an eco-museum: within 30 km you go from Lake Garda to the 3173 meters of Brenta Dolomites. This small territory is a treasure trove of beauty: Varone waterfall, canyon Limarò,  terraces of olive groves and vineyards, castles, fortified villages, museums and churches, numerous lakes and two UNESCO sites: the Dolomites and the pile-dwelling in Fiavé, 3 km from us. In a few minutes you reach also two of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy, Canale and Rango. In this corner of Trentino of rare wealth and high biodiversity you can hike in the mountains or go by mountain-bike, you can swim in the nearby lakes, fish and attend a sailing or windsurfing course.


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Villa Paradiso Parolari Località Laghissoi 1 38060 Tenno (TN) Trentino Alto Adige

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